Boston Born and Raised…

I guess you can technically say that I'm a Bostonian, even though I've wanted to leave since I turned 17. I spent most of my 20's trying to figure out what I wanted to do with myself. Born and raised in Roxbury, a neighborhood of Boston. I went to high school in Dorchester and college I did not finish. I wasn't comfortable learning to be a successful functioning adult while throwing away money. The system was not for me. So instead I did the next thing; find a full time job and figure it out.

I’ve been in customer service for about 15 years and it truly was not my passion. Eventually I would finally figure out that I wanted to be a web developer and then I just came up with a plan. I’m still working on it but it’s finally in motion. I started doing photography so that I could have a constructive hobby since I was better than most with a smartphone and I had a really good eye. Toss in the patience I developed from working in customer service and everything just came together.

I knew that I wanted to get into photography when I eventually had my life together for a bit. The ultimate goal is be decent in web development as well as forms of media that would benefit making web pages and applications. Maybe the term should be Web Specialist. So looking at my life now I see that photography was the right choice. I’ve noticed that you get to see life from a different view. Pay more attention to detail, find more ways to create, establish a product.

Being able to make a new path for my life really opened my eyes to what is capable if you put in a bit of effort. I love to take photos that capture the work that people put in. If I can help you reach your vision I would gladly do whatever I can.

-Brenden Watts