Brother Growing Up


This was actually a quick project I did for my brother. He sees me playing around with my camera all the time and asked if I could take some new photos of him. He has not been on social media for a while and he wanted to reintroduce himself to the world. It wasn’t meant to be anything huge but I did learn a bit from this quick shoot.


I’m happy with the end result but I pretty much learned the lesson of taking photos as raw images. Since it was taken as high quality .jpegs, it made it difficult to edit afterwards. Not that it was my goal to not take perfect pictures and edit later, it just turned out that I had the exposure up a bit too high. Ever since that day I made sure that that setting was on before I take my photos just in case I would like to do some post editing.


Now back to my brother, I’m was happy be part of this for him. Behind the lenses it was pretty shocking to see how much he had grown up. For someone I’ve seen everyday of my life I didn’t realize how grown up he has become.

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Brenden Watts