Igor Tour


So I had to switch things up and do them a little differently this time. This past week I went to go see Tyler the Creator on his Igor Tour in Boston. Now the concert was amazing. Even the opening acts Jaden Smith and Goldlink had really good energy for the show all night. The visuals were amazing and a little trippy but overall amazing.

Now the reason why I had to do things differently this time is because I used my smartphone due to the fact that most venues do not allow professional cameras. To be fair I did not double check the event for this but in my experience they are not allowed. Too many issues have come up with them apparently and they are banned pretty much everywhere, unless you have a small point and shoot (which I need to invest in ).

The smartphone quality is not bad. Actually when I bought my first camera the Nikon D60, I wanted a camera that was a bit better than my smartphone in terms of megapixels. I knew the sensor would be better, the lenses, more detail in my shots, an all around better photography experience. The shots came out very nice but the when editing them (also so happy my phone shoots in RAW format) there was so much noise in each photo. Making it tough to keep a lot of them due to all of the moving people and lights.

Now with that being said I did get to learn a little bit more and noticed how to darken and sharpen silhouettes. I plan on doing some project like that in the future. Iā€™m not going to post a full gallery of these pictures only due to the lack of difference in the photos.

Brenden WattsAgganis Arena