St. Anthony's Feast


What’s really funny about this day is that we were supposed to get chicken and waffles in Fenway. Luckily my good friend Jennie, told me about the feast going on in the North End. There was no way that I was going to turn down Italian food. The whole event was amazing and well worth it.


It actually took us forever to find out where the feast was actually being held. We were walking up and down the North End looking at all the signs;. We eventually found it, I should say finally haha, and there was food EVERYWHERE. The streets were packed and filled with people looking into the mini shops, buying food, carnival games. There was a live concert going on in the middle of it all. People of all ages came out to take part in the festivities.


With everything going on it was a little tough taking photos but I managed to get a lot of good shots. Every time I take my camera out I swear my framing is getting better. It’s getting easier or I’m getting faster with my selections. There were a few moments for better shots but for now it is just a lesson learned. I’m really happy how the photos came out. Also the little of amount of editing that had to be done. Maybe next time I’ll get my chicken and waffles.


I may upload a post with the photos that didn’t come out the way I wanted. I’ve gotten way too used to one camera setting.

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Brenden Watts